“Near Miss” Between a Commercial Airliner and a Drone in Vancouver

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Commercial airline pilots do not anticipate drone traffic in flight or on approach into Canada’s airports. However, drone sightings by commercial aircraft are more and more frequent. On September 21, 2018, a drone was spotted by an Air Canada Jazz crew at approximately 7,000 AGL (above ground level) when the aircraft was on approach into Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Though the drone did not make contact with the aircraft and the aircraft was not forced to alter or abort its approach, the presence of drones at altitudes well exceeding the permitted flight ceilings and near airports is cause for grave concern.

Read more about this latest “near miss” here:


Check out the statistics compiled by the Canadian Transportation Safety Board for air occurrences (which relate to all occurrences, not just those involving drones) in 2017: