Women and Drones Interviews Kathryn McCulloch – “She’s a Lawyer for Canada’s Developing Drone Industry”

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Women and Drones recently interviewed one of our lawyers, Kathryn McCulloch, about her experience as a lawyer for Canada’s drone industry.

A brief excerpt of the interview is as follows:

“Being a pilot meant I had a natural proclivity for aviation law. I had the opportunity to be involved in a number of high profile aviation accident lawsuits early in my career, which solidified by interest in the legal side of flight. In Canada, drones are regulated by the same legislation and regulations as general aviation, the Canadian Aviation Regulations.  Getting into the drone industry as a lawyer was a natural combination of my two main interests. Though the legislation that applies to drone operations is much the same as general aviation, drones (quite rightly and necessarily) have their own robust section dealing specifically with drone flight and operations.”

For any women interested in becoming involved in the drone industry, Women and Drones is a tremendous organization that seeks to encourage women to participate in the unmanned aircraft and unmanned systems industries and to promote those with expertise and interest in the field.

Check out the full text of Kathryn’s interview here.